The Cultivated Curl

Hey Friend... I'm excited to see you again!

You are likely familiar with the online appointment process by now however, just in case you forgot: 

  • If you are a current/existing client, you automatically have an online account. Send me an email and I will have the system send you access codes.

  • I am only accepting new clients who have curly/wavy hair however, if you are an existing client with straight hair or if you prefer to wear it straight you are welcome to stay on your journey with me as always--just know that my business focus will continue to be on curly/wavy hair and if/when you are ready to come along on this journey with me you have my full support!!

  • Appointments can be cancelled online up to 48 hrs before the appointment.  Appointments cancelled within 48 hrs will incur a cancellation fee 
    You can email (preferred) at or call the salon and leave a message916-863-1443 

  • Most of my clients book their preferred appointment times in advance--sometimes a full year in advance! Therefore, online appointment availability may be limited.
    (or you might be lucky and the perfect time is just waiting for you!

  • If the system allows you to book one service, but not another--it is likely due to schedule limitations (ie, not enough time available). Please do not request a haircut and write a note "I also need a xxx service" there simply will not be enough time to do both services and a separate appointment will need to be made. 

  • Please respect my time and do not reserve an appointment that you do not intend to keep. Appointments booked online are "real appointments"  
    <<<Read Salon Policies here>>>


  • I look forward to working with you again... see you in the salon!

  • Whats the Next Step?...
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I encourage you to utilize the online appointment request button above (best option) however, If the system is unavailable for whatever reason, you may email me directly.
*Please note that it may take up to 48 hrs for me to respond to your form submission.