Wash Day Blueprint 

Stop feeling frustrated with your naturally curly or wavy hair and finally have a clear step by step routine that that will give you achievable and reliable results so you can take back your confidence and your time. 

What are you waiting for?
I want my Wash Day Blueprint!


why your curly hair seems to work against you

(and how to finally work with it)


a tried and true process "blueprint" (created by you!) to style your curls with confidence

(and get reliable results)


learning from people just like you--real curly + wavy haired clients as they demonstrate their own Washday Blueprint routines. 

That sounds nice and all.. but what is this REALLY?...

The biggest challenge you may be faced with is "time" as in "it takes too much time to do my hair." 
Friend--I want you to get your time back by dedicating to certain wash days.

Take my example:  

I commit myself to 2-3 washdays per week. And on my wash days I dedicate 1.5 hours to "doing" my hair according to my blueprint (thats from wet to dry by the way!)  On my "off" days, I tousle my roots, and go, spending maybe 2-5 minutes total on my hair... to me that's a HUGE win!

This is what I want for you too... and I know its possible. 

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Finally Have a Reliable Routine for Styling and Caring for Your Naturally Curly or Wavy Hair.

$165 for 2 months *(upgraded to 12 months!!)

Here's What You Get:


  • 12 months+ access to the Wash Day Blueprint Foundational Curl Education :
    • Hair Detoxing & Treatments
    • Essential Hydration 
    • Curl Defining Technique
      • Frame, Lift & Glide 
    • Product Application Lessons
    • Diffusing Lessons
    • Overnight Curl Care
    • Living with Curls
    • Demonstration Videos:
      • Professional how-to Demo
      • Model/Client at home demos
  • Professional Detox Kit Value $50
    • The exact products Gina uses in her new client in-salon appointments
      *included for students in the US & Canada.
  • Weekly Washday Worksheets 
  • Conscious Consumer Curated Product List and Links 
  • 12 months Access to The Curl Club Private Member's Community  
    • Group Coaching calls to answer your starting questions  (Pre-recorded)
  • Your Personalized Wash Day Blueprint Value Priceless! 

"Oh man! I’ve come a long way! I totally feel I have a reliable blueprint to follow and I can predict what any short cuts will produce so I can tweak it a bit depending on my energy level, motivation, amount of time I have, etc."

Client Testimonial
Haley Ferreter

Registered Nurse

Wash Day Blueprint 

Finally have a reliable routine for styling and caring for your naturally curly or wavy hair. 

I want my Wash Day Blueprint