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Online Curly Hair Detox Workshop


this is the FIrst step in healthy hair

Concious Curlistas are Heathy Hair Curators who know how to revive their curls at home to keep their hair In the BEST shape.

For confused Curly Girls, caring for curls and waves can seem challenging at times - as it seems your hair has a mind of its own, but not for Confident Curlistas... they've learned how to Detox & Hydrate their curls and become Healthy Hair Curators!

In my studio salon in Fair Oaks, CA, this is the very first step in my new client service--without hydration, curly hair cannot live up to its full potential.

In these strange times we find ourselves in I've decided to put together a workshop to teach you what to do and how to do it so when this is all behind us... we can emerge with healthy curls and be ready for the next step.

You will learn about buildup--what it is and how to avoid it...and what to do to remove it once you have it, and how to add hydration back into your hair - something far too many confused curly girls are missing.

You'll discover most of the problems confused curly girls face (like frizz and stubborn hair) are a thing of the past. 

So are you ready to start your journey to becoming a Confident Curlista? 

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