The Cultivated Curl

New Clients--Everything you need to know...before you come in.



Thank you for your interest in working with me, Gina, at The Cultivated Curl in Fair Oaks, CA! 

* At this time, my client list is quite full and therefore I have decided to be very selective of new guests I welcome to the studio.  I am currently ONLY accepting cut clients who have naturally wavy, curly and coily hair. 


If this sounds like you, please continue to request an appointment as I am more than happy to help you discover and cultivate your curls--that's what I love to do!.
**If not, please remember me for a future date when you are ready to embrace your curl/wave


I require the New Client Questionnaire and current photos of your hair before approving an appointment request. This helps me understand the scope of work and to get a better picture of your current hair and your future hair goals.  I will hold your request for 3 days while you fill out and submit your questionnaire AND submit a photo of yourself to my email. If you have not filled it out within 3 days of requesting your appointment, I will need to deny your request to make the time available for someone else. If you are still interested in coming in to see me, please make a new request and submit the questionnaire. 


My Available Hours: Currently I am in the salon 12-6pm Tuesdays, Thursdays & alternating Sundays. Sundays are the most requested day and therefore Sunday appointments are premium (10% higher than weekday appointments)


***Please note that my online system automatically posts new availabiilty every day for 70 days in advance. Occasionally you will find something available sooner however, if not, please check back again tomorrow!

Most of my existing clientele pre-book their appointments months in advance so there may be a waiting list, however, occasionally something opens up and I will pull from my waitlist. Please have the requirements above submitted beforehand.


Thank you for understanding and I look forward to meeting you!





What you can expect on your first visit: 


The experience starts when you use the online booking system.  Your appointment request will be sent to me and I will have you complete a questionnaire so I can be sure we are a good fit, to better understand your hair history, your hair goals and how best to achieve them! Then you will receive a welcome message back with more details to ensure that your first visit is seamless. 


Next, on the day of your appointment when you arrive, there is a small landing patio right outside our door with 3 steps, please enter my studio through the glass door on the right. If you have trouble with steps, there is a main building entrance on the back side of the building in the middle. Enter through the double sliding doors, turn left and my studio in on the left side 3 doors down directly across from the restrooms.


Before I begin any work, I will walk you through a 10-15 minute consultation process where we will plan out today's visit as well as discuss longterm plans to ensure all of your goals are met and I will always explain my plan for the day as well as give you the price before we begin any work so you can know what to expect. Then, at the start of every service, I will massage your neck and shoulders as a way to release any tension from the day--its a great way to begin!


*If we are working on a cut, I will make notes on where you prefer fullness / height / elevation and shape and your hair goals. I use a variety of methods when cutting hair--almost always dry--and occasionally I will use a protractor and tape measure... tailoring the cut to your particular head-shape to further personalize your style.


It is very important that you are involved with the overall style and shape that we create--many times new guests are so nervous that they forget to mention common problems they encounter with their hair-. Please feel comfortable sharing your style inspiration as well as anything you would like to avoid so I can better achieve a cut perfect for your lifestyle and overall goals. **I am NOT the kind of stylist that will look at you and your face shape and tailor something that I feel looks nice... Appearance and Suitability are subjective and based on opinion. While I do have opinions, I consider myself a partner in your style so we will work together. I do not / will not cut your hair unless you have a solid idea of what you would like to see. From that vantage point I am happy to advise you on achievability based on your density, texture and growth patterns.

Styling tips and tricks will be shared with you so you can feel confident recreating the look on your own. Then, I'll wrap up the visit by sharing our recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment. Please keep in mind that products recommendations will
 always be shared and you will not feel pushed into buying retail---I do believe in the product lines I carry in the salon and I also believe you should feel good about any purchase you make within the salon.


Getting Ready for your first visit:


On the day of your appointment, please come in with your hair styled down as you would usually wear it--if you usually wear it up please, just this once, try to wear it down for your appointment, it will greatly help me understand how your hair behaves and will allow me to see just where I can help you. Please prepare your hair in your normal every day "down" style with no more than 1 day after your last wash. Come in with your regular styling products as I will be cutting your hair dry and I will need to be able to easily move through it to create your new cut. (please refrain from using oils and butters in your hair for at least 2 weeks prior to your cut service with me.  Oils and butters get in the way of natural curl patterns and need to be "detoxed out". I include a "quick detox" in all of my new client services however, your hair may need a more thorough removal treatment. *A note to watch out for: if your hair is repelling water, then you will require a full detox. 


Before you come in for your appointment, please gather together pictures of styles that influence you and ideas that we can work toward. It is also a good idea to have on hand some photos of your past hairstyles...some you may have loved and some maybe not.

  • Please allow: 2-3 hours for New Cut services, 1.5-2 hours for Prep services
    and 45mins for return visit Express Cuts.


Feel free to check out my work on Instagram for style inspiration, or look to another curl stylist's Instagram... I enjoy following @Atoya_theCurlyHairStudio, Loni-Jean @DesertCurlsStudio,
@ReadCurl and Aishia @ChocolateCurlsBeauty

Follow-Up visits:


New Clients receiving curly cuts are often curious about what the process will be for future visits. On your first appointment, I will have you schedule one of the New Client Curly Cut Services where we will have time to consult on and plan out your hair goals. I spend the majority of that service appointment teaching you about curly hair maintenance and hydration. The Methods I use in the salon are not the ONLY methods that work for curly hair but over time I have devised a set of techniques that work for 90+% of the people who come to see me... if you fall into that 10% I have some alternative methods that may work better on our second visit. You will learn my "Method" and we will talk about product choice and application. There is A LOT to learn about and I have seen from experience that most people do not retain more than 15-20% of the information...even if I write it down! So, I suggest 1-2 Followup Full-Service Curly Cuts or a Coaching Session between your initial cut and your followup service so we can revisit the Method. At your next appointment, you will have some experience and will be able to gain and retain so much more information. Remember, the goal here is for you to be able to achieve "After" hair on your own and create consistent results at home. (This is exactly why I developed the Curl Cultivation Part 1 & 2 services so that we can address hair concerns/troubles and work toward a healthier state BEFORE the actual cut appointment!)


Once you have mastered these "Methods", I welcome you to schedule Express Cut services-- where you come in fully prepped and dry and I will cut your hair and do a quick dry damp mist refresh to perk up your look before sending you out. Express Curly cuts are for maintaining a look and are scheduled for 45 mins. New styles/cuts will require a Full-Service Curly Cut.

All New Client Requests require a new client questionnaire and photo submission before approval. I encourage you to utilize the online appointment request button above; however, If the system is unavailable for whatever reason, you may email me directly and I will look into the situation. All new client appointment requests are handled through my online booking system--you may also utilize the "wait list" feature for a specific appointment date that may not be available. The system will contact you to let you know if the date you have chosen (and only that date) is available, however, occasionally cancellations happen so I suggest you check back frequently. 
*Please note that it may take up to 48 hrs for me to respond to your email.