Defined curly hair on beautiful woman
Gorgeous curls on black woman with transitional gray coloring

Welcome Back Curl Friend

If you are a returning client of mine, please be on the lookout for booking emails on the 1st (and 3rd) of each month for the following month.

At this time I am offering a limited number of Full-Service Cuts (announced on the 1st of the month) and the remainder of my availability will be opened for Dry Shaping Cuts (announced on the 3rd of the month)

All reservations require a 50% deposit. Any appointment canceled at least 48 hours before the reservation will forfeit the deposit. 

The Cultivated Curl is now a "Tip Free" salon.

Tipping has been a customary part of the salon industry for as long as I know...however, it's almost always awkward. So I made it go away. 


Tip-Free begins August 2021. If you REALLY feel like leaving a tip... send me a Starbucks card online to my email. Yeah. That would be cool. No pressure though. Seriously.  (that's the point!)

Don't forget to show up styled

Please schedule your appointment for a day that you can arrive with your hair fully clean, detangled, curls set and fully dry.
(worn down without clips, bands, braids or ties.)
Why?  I do all of my cutting on YOUR styling! And to be able to read your cutrls and trouble areas, I need to see how you normally wear it down so it can be shaped  according to your natural curl patterns and lifestyle. If we have worked together for more than 2 cuts, you are welcome to arrive with day 2 hair. 

"I didn't expect Gina’s passion for improving the health of hair my hair. I walked out with beautiful hair that felt as soft, healthy, and shiny as a child's! "

—  Suzanne
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