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Uncover your natural curl pattern - whether wavy, spiral, or coily

Curl artist, Gina Rodriguez is a master at coaching you to uncover your best curl pattern and find a styling routine that builds up the health of your hair and confidence! Check out the services below.

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The Wash DAY Blueprint Curl Care Course (pre-requisite)
Gorgeous curls and soft waves for women

I love my hair now! Thank you, Gina. 

"I would highly recommend Gina to anyone having issues with their curls. You know who you are - moments when your curls have a mind of their own, won't do what you want and just go limp or lifeless. Visit Gina, I promise you will not regret it. She's meticulous, caring, and very personable. I love that before she does anything, but touch and examine your hair, she asks what your hair wishes are, and what you expect the outcome to be. She listens! And, the results are fabulous." -- Irene

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Curly hair styling for natural shape
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Meet Gina - Your Curl Specialist 

As a naturally wavy girl, I can sometimes pull off bouncy curls but other days I’m lucky to get a little wave. My hair varies so much . That’s why I have always been drawn to curls. But rather than just helping women chase the curl, I have coached hundreds of women to finding peace with their curls or waves in their natural state – even if that means something different based on varying seasons.

If you’re seeking a curl artist who will help you achieve the best cut for your lifestyle and help you naturally maintain your healthiest hair, then I invite you to reach out for a consult. Curly, coily, or wavy hair types only need apply.

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