Juicy, defined curls and waves start in the shower! Wanna know how? click here!

Want great curls?

Has it been a challenge to find someone who TRULY knows how to cut your curls? Do you struggle to get your curls to consistently look their best?

Located in Fair Oaks, CA (Sacramento County)

Imagine what is possible for your curls

Rather than continuing to hope your curls will turn out from day to day, what if you could learn the right methods and products to bring your curls to life - day after day? Even making it easier to manage (like less washes and waking up with ready-to-go curls).

Frizz to Fab Workshop

Gina has taught the Wash Day Blueprint approach to curls and waves to hundreds of women and has dialed wash day basics down into an hour long workshop that you can access right now. In her latest workshop: Frizz to Fab, she will teach you the most important thing to do to fight frizz from the beginning of your routine… in the shower!. This is the PERFECT place to start and see if Gina is the right curl stylist/coach for you.

Curly Hair Online Education... Want to learn how to care for your curls??

Gina has transformed the hair of hundreds of women with all different curl patterns. And given them the confidence to style their own hair with ease. She has developed online programs to get you started at home... a good place to start is the Frizz to Fab workshop. It’s a no fuss—quick way to learn how to get frizz free (or close to it). If your goal is to work with Gina in the salon… you’ll want to start off with the Wash Day Blueprint The full program. This is the PERFECT place to learn all about creating a reliable routine and is required before making an appointment with Gina.

Choose What You Need For Your Curls

Depending on where you are at with your curls (and we know that changes from time to time), Gina has created three ways to serve you.

Consultation & Coaching

Ready to get started on your journey to better curls? Great let's begin here with a virtual consultation (or mini coaching session) 20mins

Virtual Appts are Currently Paused

Expert Cuts & Shaping

Are you looking for a Curly Hair Specialist? Friend... Welcome! Start at the New Clients tab, then Read through my Services and Policies! I can't wait to meet you (or to see you again)

Learn about my Services

Learn to work with your OWN Hair - Online

Need help bringing the bounce back to your curls or choosing the right product? Learn with Gina and her clients online.

Online Workshops

Curly Healthy Hair Products

Looking for products to use that work? I've hand-picked products that I work with daily in my Salon and in my Home. Shop here.

Shop Healthy Hair Products

Curls that WOW!

Get the curls of your dreams with curly cuts and coaching from Gina, Curly Hair Specialist and Cult Cultivator!

I want the best curls. I want to become a new client!!

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