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Ready for gorgeous curls?

I love helping women embrace and enjoy their curls! Whether you have naturally curly, wavy, or coily hair, I have a solution for you – and it all begins with a solid understanding of how to style and care for your curls. 

Which is why I created The Cultivaed Curl Academy online education.

  • The Wash Day Blueprint Online Curl Care Course 
    (includes detox, hydration, maintenance, curl styling technique, drying.. etc. it is comprehensive!) 

My mission always goes beyond the cut. In these workshops, I explain all the steps for getting the most out of your curls, easy-to-follow instructions so you can successfully care for your curls at home. And believe when I say from experience, it is possible! 

Once you have completed the online course and practiced your technique, you will get access to schedule either a Dry Shaping Cut (for those of you who feel very confident in your routine) or a Full Service Cut (where we can review the entire process and see what area you need assistance) New Clients get access to scheduling appointments on the 5th of the month, (only members of my online course will be approved). 

You are welcome to enroll in the program at any time to get a jump start in your curl care.  I look forward to meeting you soon! https://thecultivatedcurl.mykajabi.com/blueprint

Cutting curly hair
Gina the curly hair specialist at The Cultivated Curl

Don’t wait until your hair feels wild and in need of serious pruning.

It's easy for curlies to let their hair grow out a little longer between cuts, but don't wait until it's driving you crazy to book an appointment with me, because I book out months in advance with repeat clients. So reserve your appointment now and plan ahead for great hair! 

As a new client, I do require you complete my hair questionnaire and share some current photos of your hair before I will approve your appointment.

The questionnaire is located on my booking site and will be required during the booking process upon making a reservation. This helps me understand the scope of work needed and make a plan based on your hair type and hair goals. I also require a current photo of your hair and 1-2 inspiration photos so I can see where you are and where you would like to go.

"Gina is amazing!!! With her help your hair will be beautiful! She has taught me how take care of my curly hair. I can't imagine letting anyone else cut my hair."

—  Natalie M, Natural Scientist Army Corp of Engineers

Services have changed for 2020. 

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Your First Visit

Once you've completed the online Confident Curlista workshop I welcome you into my salon studio.

I take into consideration the fullness, height, and shape of your curl pattern and head shape as we make a plan for your individual style. Our initial consultation lasts about 10-15 minutes as we discuss your hair and plan out your longterm goals. 

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Cutting Your Hair 

I use a variety of methods when cutting hair--almost always dry. 

I will not cut your hair unless you have a solid idea of what you want the outcome to be. From that vantage point I am happy to advise you on achievability based on your density, texture and growth patterns. So, please come prepared.

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Crafting Your Style

When you entrust me with the care of your hair, I step into the role as your guide – not your dictator. Meaning I never want to assess you and your hair and offer up my preference for how it should be styled. I want to hear your opinion, your lifestyle, and your common issues or concerns to help you achieve the perfect style for you.

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Build a Self-Care Plan

Before you head on your way, with your new hair shaping, I want to make sure you have a plan for how to re-create your curl style.

The Confident Curlista Course has videos that you can revisit at any time to see how to style your hair at home with confidence.


Quit struggling with your hair.

Once you've completed the Wash Day Blueprint online curl care course, I'm happy to invite you to schedule an appointment with me, pop onto a virtual coaching session, or a simple virtual consultation to connect with you and make sure you are comfortable with the process.

In coaching sessions, I help you perfect your technique. In my online programs, You can learn with a community of people on the same path as you... sometimes it is helpful to see someone else's journey to fully understand what you are experiencing... 


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