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New Post Corona Virus Salon Protocol

Uncategorized May 08, 2020

Today is May 8, 2020, and I have just finished watching Governor Newsom's daily corona virus address. As of today, salons in California still do not have a guaranteed opening date, however, we are scheduled to open during Phase 3... which at this moment, looks to be in mid June or July.

Across the country, states have set certain reopening standards, and while the CA state board of Barbering and Cosmetology hasn't divulged the full extent of our reopening guidelines, the trend seems to be constant. 

These are the things I know will be changing when I finally am able to open:

  • Masks & Sanitizer: Everyone will be required to wear a mask with ear loops (I can provide a loaner mask if you do not have one)


  • Schedule Adjustments: To allow proper "social distance" requirements, I personally will be changing my workdays to Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. (opposite days from Angela)
    • due to schedule changes, I will be canceling all May and June appointments to allow for proper spacing and restructuring of my days (see below)
  • Appointment Spacing: I will need to schedule 20-30 minutes between all appointments for proper cleaning and to ensure that there are not 2 clients in the salon with me at any time.
  • Service Offerings: I will be ONLY offering Dry Shaping Cuts at first to help catch up with the missed appointment backlog.
    • all clients must arrive with hair fully prepared for a dry cut--fully set without sticky, wavy, or oily products--Gels and Foams are fine and styling in accordance with my coaching is also fine. All hair must be fully dry, styled down with no clips, bands, or pins.
    • full-service appointments and in-person coaching sessions will be paused until later in the summer after reopening.
  • Pricing: I have had to alter my pricing structure slightly due to these new guidelines
  • Rescheduling Priority: I will send out a 2 day advanced rebooking link to clients with appointment cancellations in March and April, If you are in this group, please be on the lookout for that email. All other clients will be allowed to self-schedule after that. 
  • Follow-up Appointments: 
    • all appointments will be booked online (no more pre-booked appointments)
    • I will be blocking my schedule monthly.
      • Returning clients will receive priority booking access on the 15th of each month for the following month
      • New clients will gain access on the 20th for the following month. 


  • New Clients will be required to enroll in my online coaching workshops to learn how to properly set their hair before dry cut appointments.
    • I suggest completing the workshops at least 30 days before your scheduled appointment (I typically require new clients to go through 1-2 full-service coaching sessions with me before graduating them to Dry Shaping Cuts, but these crazy times call for crazy measures. lol.)
    • this option is actually more cost-effective and you get access to refresher material on demand. 


  • Online Curl Workshops: During this shelter in place, I have been working on my online coaching programs and I am very excited to share them with you.
    • ​New clients will be required to complete the online workshops prior to working with me in the salon,
    • Existing clients--I welcome you to go through these workshops too! Many of you have asked for a refresher course and "what to do" videos and this is your chance! email me for a returning client workshop discount.


  • Products: during the remainder of the shutdown, I will be offering curb-side pickups during on Saturdays 12-2 pm 
    • if you would like to order, please send me an email with the products you would like, I will send an invoice for prepayment and your products will be available for pickup on the next pickup day.


  • Virtual Coaching Sessions & Consultations; I am offering virtual consultations and coaching sessions--these are perfect for helping you troubleshoot any hair issues you are currently experiencing, product choice, application, or drying... or whatever you need. 

I appreciate your patience and understanding and I look forward to seeing you in the salon when we open.


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